Almost Documentary: Celcrabeels' introduction to taxi-to-praxi


Dear all, I have thought about the questions put to us by Taxi to Praxi. I will elaborate a bit.

How do you define practice-led artistic research?

One has to look at the context, the Bologna Process aims to create a European Higher Education Area by 2010. Due to this process the Belgian Academy’s and University’s recently are merging into one structure. This evolution has created a need for 'PhD candidate researchers in Fine Art ' in the Belgian. academic world.

inventing methodologies


Inventing Methodologies is a series of conferences designed to provide a platform for the discussion of the novel and highly-contested notion of practice-based research in art practice.

Practice-based researchers are faced with a dual challenge. The first is the intrinsically bifurcated nature of a research project composed of a written element in conjunction with a practical element. The second is the interdisciplinarity inherent in writing art. These structural complexities are also an enduring characteristic of the practice/theory relationship.

The Next Layer as a Medium for Practice-led Research


Taxi to Praxi
This text expands on some of the topics mentioned in the original call for participation for the taxi-to-praxi workshop. It explains some of the motivations and the general ideas behind the research day but is by now way a complete summary of all the topics we would like to address. Currently to this text have contributed Lindsay Brown, Adnan Hadzi and Armin Medosch. If you feel that you would like to add something, please feel free to rewrite this text or create a new one. To create a new revision, do the following: Once you are in the edit section with this article open, apply your changes and then go to the bottom and click "create new revision". You can also use the text field "Log Message" to explain your revisions.

Gilberto Gil and Pontos de Cultura - teia 1

Discussion with Gilberto Gil (and sometimes Claudio Prado) at Teia, Belo Horizonte 09.11.2007. As part of this festival a meeting of participants in the Pontos de Cultura Program was held where Gil answered questions from people in an exercise of direct government. Pontos de Cultura and the digital culture project are an effort by the Brazilian Government to spread digital culture, free software and copyleft ideas in cultural organisations in Brazil.

Sealscarer 44Hz

The Anchorage is a bay off Tanera Mor in the Summer Isles, in North-west Scotland. After swimming in this water for a few consecutive days and being quite annoyed with a strange sound that was disturbing my peace, I found out that the noise was a Sealscarer, a computer generated sound that kept seals away from the fish-farm further up the bay.


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