Brazil in a Whirlwind


Why whirlwind? 'Whirl', because we have been criss-crossing the country by plane, using the Brazil Pass, a special offer for visitors from abroad who want to visit different cities during a set period of time. But why 'wind', that is another question. Maybe it has to do with the air, that warm tropical air which received us in Rio de Janeiro with a variety of smells, from sweet flowers and other plant smells to the stench of open sewers in the Favela; wind, also because of the frequent tropical thunderstorms which we have encountered; and wind also because of ...

Drupal Einführung für „Endbenutzer“


Ich hab mal nach einer simplen Einführung in Drupal für Benutzer dieser Seite gesucht, und im deutschen Drupalhandbuch einiges gefunden.
Wenn ich zeit habe, mach ich daraus „Erste Schritte“ für „The Next Layer“.

Drupal Benutzerhandbuch

Drupal für Endbenutzer

Tutorials & How To's

dort z.B.:
Arbeiten mit dem Drupal Taxonomie-System

Die imaginäre Zukunft oder: wie Versionen der Zukunft aus der Vergangenheit die Gegenwart bestimmen.


Eine Rezension des Buches “Imaginary Futures” von Richard Barbrook.

Als sich die USA in der Ära des Kalten Krieges auf eine Spirale des Wettrüstens mit der Sowjetunion einließen, tobte zugleich auch ein ideologischer Kampf. Die Führungsschichten beider Seiten versuchten, indem sie den Anspruch auf die Zukunft erhoben, auch die Gegenwart zu dominieren. Die Sowjetunion hatte dabei den Vorteil, das von einer Befreiungs-Utopie geprägte Geschichtsbild des Marxismus auf ihrer Seite zu haben.

Update! Systems Upgrade trouble

Dear users of this site. A major systems upgrade was necessary for security reasons. We have upgraded from Drupal 5.2 to 5.3. At first all went well but then actions of the sysadmin from hell (me) triggered a chain of events which ended almost disastrously. However, the site has been restored (almost) to full functionality. The images work again, yet there are issues with thumbnail images (I think youcan all see the error messages). Update to the update: As far as I can see all images are displayed again. We are now using imagemagick as toolkit.

easy mapping


easy mapping - So the trick to map easily is:
I take pictures with my Canon Powershot A630, and get the gps information from my telephone.
I match them with gpscorrelate-gui (I have to get the proper commandline yet…). The most important part is calculating the difference between your camera and your gps, so you can align them perfectly. For doing so, a nice trick is to start the mapping taking a picture of the gps driver.


To be done (updated)

News, Bugs and Bugettes

minor bugettes

* the modules footnotes and biblio have been installed; the according tags are 'fn' and 'bib' but so far I have not got the tags working yet. The footnotes are working now, now you can use the fn tag to create numbered footnotes at the bottom of an article. You need to switch the 'Input format' to 'full html' to do so. The 'bib' tag probabloy also works, the biblio module as such has always been working, so you can enter bibliographic references into the text with the bib tag, which also go into a shared database. This rocks!

Tha Clickster and The Beige New World


We are not in London for the Frieze Art Fair as Rhizom suggests, we simply live here toiling away at the coal face of the culture industry. Our screens are colourful and our thoughts are dark. Therefore we would not dream of writing off the manipulated electronics of the Beige programming ensemble or the kinetic graphic work of the group Paper Rad as interesting but merely stylish nostalgia

equalize information - re-using materials on the internet


- It seems now the thing could be, instead of actively write an
interpretation of reality,simply gather and equalize (filtering,
mapping,indexing, spamming) the other speeches.

But usually when working with the Internet I fail to think that I am
seeing an analysis of the WHOLE speech universe. I forget the equalizing.

[equalize information - re-using materials on the internet]

Night and Day: Inside Nerdcore Central


Let me put it this way: generally speaking there are things implicit and things explicit -- and at the hackmeeting the overwhelming majority of things to know and find out were implicit. It is in the nature of the self-organised event with flat, or, rather no hierarchies that those things that matter do usually not come with a large banner in human readable code that explains everything. There is not really a spokesperson, there are few figureheads, even fame is implicit, is something to be known and shared between insiders. What is to be found out is mostly based on direct human relationships. Everything else is largely a question of the 'vibe'.


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