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easy mapping


easy mapping - So the trick to map easily is:
I take pictures with my Canon Powershot A630, and get the gps information from my telephone.
I match them with gpscorrelate-gui (I have to get the proper commandline yet…). The most important part is calculating the difference between your camera and your gps, so you can align them perfectly. For doing so, a nice trick is to start the mapping taking a picture of the gps driver.

equalize information - re-using materials on the internet


- It seems now the thing could be, instead of actively write an
interpretation of reality,simply gather and equalize (filtering,
mapping,indexing, spamming) the other speeches.

But usually when working with the Internet I fail to think that I am
seeing an analysis of the WHOLE speech universe. I forget the equalizing.

[equalize information - re-using materials on the internet]

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