The Sun, Moon and ELF (1-300Hz)


From Electromagnetic Man
pgs 40-41

Lieber (1979) published a collection of many studies purporting to show a reliable lunar influence on various areas of human behaviour, although Rotton and Kelly (1985), using meta-analysis, have fiercely contested this claim. However whereas studies of social behaviour can be easily criticized for neglecting a variety of contributing variables, biochemical studies, like those of Rounds (1975), who has found a lunar periodicity in the concentration of neurotransmitter-like substances from human blood, are more difficult to refute.



These are my presentation notes from the Maxwell City workshop in June this year.

Extremely low frequency transmitters were developed for communication with deeply submerged submarines at depths of more than 200 metres and under polar ice-caps. Submarines below this depth are undetectable by radar and other non-acoustic systems.

Brazil in a Whirlwind


Why whirlwind? 'Whirl', because we have been criss-crossing the country by plane, using the Brazil Pass, a special offer for visitors from abroad who want to visit different cities during a set period of time. But why 'wind', that is another question. Maybe it has to do with the air, that warm tropical air which received us in Rio de Janeiro with a variety of smells, from sweet flowers and other plant smells to the stench of open sewers in the Favela; wind, also because of the frequent tropical thunderstorms which we have encountered; and wind also because of ...

Drupal Einführung für „Endbenutzer“


Ich hab mal nach einer simplen Einführung in Drupal für Benutzer dieser Seite gesucht, und im deutschen Drupalhandbuch einiges gefunden.
Wenn ich zeit habe, mach ich daraus „Erste Schritte“ für „The Next Layer“.

Drupal Benutzerhandbuch

Drupal für Endbenutzer

Tutorials & How To's

dort z.B.:
Arbeiten mit dem Drupal Taxonomie-System


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