A Handbook for Coding Cultures


Earlier this year I was invited to work as a Guest Curator on Coding Cultures, a project initiated by d/Lux Media Arts in Sydney.

It had 5 main elements: artist residencies (Proboscis from the UK, and mervin Jarman from Jamaica with Camille Turner from Canada); workshops, a symposium, a book, and a country gig in the remote mining town of Broken Hill.

'A Handbook for Coding Cultures' was a small-run free print publication which is also available for download at:

Social Technologies and the Digital Commons


Last year I drew on some of my Masters research* to write a chapter for a book on Open Source Software.

My text is titled 'Social Technologies and the Digital Commons' and the book is Handbook of Research on Open Source Software: Technological, Economic, and Social Perspectives, edited by Kirk St. Amant and Brian Still.

My PhD Synopsis as of April 2007


Well, my original proposal for my PhD was very big and completely unrealistic. And the first 18 months have been spent either ignoring it or trying to shape it into something do-able. So now I have a skinny synopsis, and some tendrils of questions...

Working title: Small Media, Soft Ecologies: exploring digital-social interventions

Running Synopsis:

Food for Thought: Greek Lentil and Olive Oil Soup


Background to the meal: A soup I am cooking tonight for Furtherfield mob. It's a soft exchange for being their house guest in their flat in Haringey, London--and for FF allowing me to interview them for my PhD research.

Furtherfield are a core of 2 - Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett - who for the past 10 or 11 years have established and nurtured networked art and cultural experimentation - via online and offline playful participatory structures.

Some of their projects are documented here:

Research Journals launched on Next Layer Website


Today, with the help of Lo-res-ers X alias Chris Kummerer and Aaron Kaplan I have been able to install The Next Layer website using Drupal. 6 hours later and we have already got users and content, a newsletter and a contact form, I am using the video to brain DVD by Hagen Graf. I was sceptical at first but must say it is an excellent tool to learn this software. It is not cheap but the Drupal developer community also benefoits financially with a small percentage of the price.

Die iGesellschaft - Richard Sennett über das Verhältnis von Privatheit und Öffentlichkeit.

Viele Internet-Services beruhen auf der freiwilligen Preisgabe privater Informationen. Mit Plattformen wie Youtube oder Myspace wird der Ich-Stream zum Mainstream. Ob iGoogle oder iTunes: in der iGesellschaft ist das Herzeigen-Wollen oft stärker als die Angst vor dem Verlust der Privatsphäre.


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