A Handbook for Coding Cultures

Earlier this year I was invited to work as a Guest Curator on Coding Cultures, a project initiated by d/Lux Media Arts in Sydney.

It had 5 main elements: artist residencies (Proboscis from the UK, and mervin Jarman from Jamaica with Camille Turner from Canada); workshops, a symposium, a book, and a country gig in the remote mining town of Broken Hill.

'A Handbook for Coding Cultures' was a small-run free print publication which is also available for download at:


Texts were commissioned from artists and media activists in Europe, Australia, East Asia, South America and the Caribbean.

Authors include Ruth Catlow & Marc Garrett, Leandro Fossa, mervin Jarman & Sonia Mills, Maja Kuzmanovic & Nic Gaffney, Oiwan Lam, Andrew Lowenthal, Agnese Trocchi, and others.