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A new public wireless interface: Hivenetworks successfully launch 'Street Radio' in Southampton


On Friday the 14th of March 2008 ten 'street radio' nodes went live in Southampton narrowcasting Hidden Histories -- stories from Southamptons Oral History Archive selected and arranged to correspond with the location of the 10 nodes. Participants started to meet at around 11 am at the gallery cafe in Southampton's Civic Centre. There they received maps of the Hidden Histories trail and those who needed them could borrow little FM radio receivers. Here you can get a digital version of the Hidden Histories map and here you get a Hidden Histories Guide

Hivenetwork Topology


This image shows the network topology of the mesh network created by Hivenetworks in Southampton for the Hidden Histories project. Interestingly, it is not really congruent with the physical topology. You can clearly identify the gateway and from there it goes to node 1 but then it gets all meshy, and this is exactly what you want. Each node 'sees' more than just one other node, some have 4 or more connections. Well, lets see what will happen when the trees grow leaves.

Musicology: Early British Bands and Music Hall artists


This is an image of a youthful Billy Reid, well known in the 1930ies as bandleader of Billy Reid and his piano accordion orchestra. Billy started out as a boiler maker apprentice in the Southampton docks.

Anyone who can bung me some tunes from Billy is very welcome.

Arthur Lloyd website

Hidden Histories - Hive Networks about to launch oral history trail in Southampton


Years of research and development will come to a hopefully successfull climax on Friday March 14th with the launch of the Hidden Histories project in Southampton. The project is the result of a collaboration between Armin Medosch and the London based technology development group Hive Networks led by artist-engineer Alexei Blinov. By narrowcasting excerpts from Southampton's Oral History Unit on 10 listening stations in the city centre, we have created a new public interface for negotiating the past (and maybe future) of the city.

Outrageous disaster: Ogg/Vorbis spec taken out of HTML-5


This appeal reached us from jaromil via the Bricolab Mailinglist


Subject: [Bricolabs] Outrageous disaster: Ogg/Vorbis spec taken out of HTML-5 Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2007 12:32:34 +0000 (13:32 CET)

re all,

i urge you to take act against the exclusion of Ogg/Vorbis/Theora
audio/video streaming technology from the HTML-5 specification:

Brazil in a Whirlwind


Why whirlwind? 'Whirl', because we have been criss-crossing the country by plane, using the Brazil Pass, a special offer for visitors from abroad who want to visit different cities during a set period of time. But why 'wind', that is another question. Maybe it has to do with the air, that warm tropical air which received us in Rio de Janeiro with a variety of smells, from sweet flowers and other plant smells to the stench of open sewers in the Favela; wind, also because of the frequent tropical thunderstorms which we have encountered; and wind also because of ...

Die imaginäre Zukunft oder: wie Versionen der Zukunft aus der Vergangenheit die Gegenwart bestimmen.


Eine Rezension des Buches “Imaginary Futures” von Richard Barbrook.

Als sich die USA in der Ära des Kalten Krieges auf eine Spirale des Wettrüstens mit der Sowjetunion einließen, tobte zugleich auch ein ideologischer Kampf. Die Führungsschichten beider Seiten versuchten, indem sie den Anspruch auf die Zukunft erhoben, auch die Gegenwart zu dominieren. Die Sowjetunion hatte dabei den Vorteil, das von einer Befreiungs-Utopie geprägte Geschichtsbild des Marxismus auf ihrer Seite zu haben.

Night and Day: Inside Nerdcore Central


Let me put it this way: generally speaking there are things implicit and things explicit -- and at the hackmeeting the overwhelming majority of things to know and find out were implicit. It is in the nature of the self-organised event with flat, or, rather no hierarchies that those things that matter do usually not come with a large banner in human readable code that explains everything. There is not really a spokesperson, there are few figureheads, even fame is implicit, is something to be known and shared between insiders. What is to be found out is mostly based on direct human relationships. Everything else is largely a question of the 'vibe'.


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