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A new public wireless interface: Hivenetworks successfully launch 'Street Radio' in Southampton


On Friday the 14th of March 2008 ten 'street radio' nodes went live in Southampton narrowcasting Hidden Histories -- stories from Southamptons Oral History Archive selected and arranged to correspond with the location of the 10 nodes. Participants started to meet at around 11 am at the gallery cafe in Southampton's Civic Centre. There they received maps of the Hidden Histories trail and those who needed them could borrow little FM radio receivers. Here you can get a digital version of the Hidden Histories map and here you get a Hidden Histories Guide

Hidden Histories: We are getting flak and we love it


The local newspaper Basingstoke News has carried Rosy's press release and some punters found it necessary to react. So, even though we haven't yet launched the application we are already being critiqued.

Hivenetwork Topology


This image shows the network topology of the mesh network created by Hivenetworks in Southampton for the Hidden Histories project. Interestingly, it is not really congruent with the physical topology. You can clearly identify the gateway and from there it goes to node 1 but then it gets all meshy, and this is exactly what you want. Each node 'sees' more than just one other node, some have 4 or more connections. Well, lets see what will happen when the trees grow leaves.

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