Musicology: Early British Bands and Music Hall artists

This is an image of a youthful Billy Reid, well known in the 1930ies as bandleader of Billy Reid and his piano accordion orchestra. Billy started out as a boiler maker apprentice in the Southampton docks.

Anyone who can bung me some tunes from Billy is very welcome.

Arthur Lloyd website

Music Hall performers: this site has also some audio tracks and images.

A discography but no samples

Sir Harry Lauder, He was funny

Something I consider buying. Although it must be said the usage of the Real Audio Format should be punished by law.

Good article about recordings of black music in London pre WWII

Article about accordion music and the cinema organ



Interesting ref link about black music in London, however wanted to say that if you ever made that amazon purchase could I have a copy? Particularly the following:

4. The Pro's Landlady - George Robey
6. I'm Not All There - Ella Shields
10. What Do I Want With A Man? - Tom Wootwell
14. Gladys,The Girl Guide - G.S. Melvin