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"Art as Visual Research: The Tendency in New Tendencies"

This article presents the international movement New Tendencies (1961-1978) as one of the first large scale international art movements that made artist-led research a core concern. New Tendencies adopted ideas and methods from Gestalt psychology, a holistic, experimental form of psychological research, and combined it with the idea of liberating the viewer from alienation. This paper will primarily focus on the first phase of New Tendencies, from 1961 to 1963, when the movement developed its new aesthetics and poetics.


Out Now: A Companion to Digital Art


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June 18 1999

This book, edited by Christiane Paul, is a veritable tome in the positive sense, a book of more than 600 pages which will define media art, digital art for some time to come. It assembles a collection of the best authors on the subject matter, in well structured chapters. Unfortunately I could not find a blurb online, so I wrote a short text describing just my contribution.

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