Conferences and Panels (as editor/convenor)
2013 Media Art Histories, Renew Conference, October 8-13, Riga, Latvia; Conference Advisory Board, Session Chair and Reviewer.
2011. Technopolitics - Beyond Information. Concept and Panel moderation, Coded Cultures, Vienna, 27th of Sep. 2011.
2010. Networks and Sustainability. Conference track at: Textures, SLSA-EU Conference., 17.6.2010; concept and moderation, in collaboration with Rasa Smite, Stockholm School of Economics, Riga, Latvia, 15.06.-19.06.2010.
2009. Creative Cities - the promise of the creative economy. Concept and moderation, in collaboration with Ina Zwerger Organiser: ORF, Ă–1, Science. Date: 31.3.2009 Place: Vienna Radio Culture House,
2009. Open A/D. Symposium, concept and moderation, Vienna Design Week, 02.10.2009
2008 Taxi-to-Praxi, Art as Research. Workshop on artistic research, concept and moderation in collaboration with Adnan Hadzi, Goldsmiths, 21.04.2008.
2007 Goodbye Privacy! Concept and moderation, in collaboration with Ina Zwerger, at: Ars Electronica, Kunstuniversität Linz, 6.-7.09.2007.
2006. Waves, Art+Communication Festival, conference editor and moderator, Arsenal, Riga, Latvia, 24.-26.08.2006.
2006. 'Open Spectrum.' Panel Editor und Moderator at: Wizards of Open Source 4, 14.-16.09.2006, Columbia-Halle, Berlin.
2006. Takeaway - Festival of D-I-Y Media. conference and exhibition, concept and moderation, Dana Centre, London, March-April 2006.
2005. 'Open vs Autonomy', workshop, Open Congress, Tate Britain, London, 07.-08.10.2005.
2004. 'run command free networks, reality check.' Panel editor and moderator, at: Wizards of Open Source 3, Berlin, 10.06.2004.
2003. DMZ - Media Arts Festival. conference editor and moderator, Limehouse Town Hall, London, 14.-15.11.2003.
2002. BerLon: Berlin - London Wireless Culture Workshop. Idea, concept and organisation together with Bootlab, Berlin, October 12th-13th 2002.
2001. Kingdom of Piracy. Project presentation and panel discussion, with Shu Lea Cheang and Yukiko Shikata, Museum of Modern Art, Taipai, and Kaoshiung, Taiwan, Dec. 2001.
2000. Media City London. Symposium, concept and conference, at: Media Week Munich.
1998. Art Servers Unlimited. ICAand Backspace, Conference and workshop, concept and moderation together with Manu Luksch, London, 02.-04.07.1998.
1995. Telepolis, City on the Net, Conference and workshops, concept and organisation, Luxembourg, Cultural Capital 1995, November 1995.
1994. Art in Transit, convenor in collaboration with Alla Mitrofanova and Irina Aktuganova, Gallery 21 and Stubnitz Art-Space-Ship, St.Petersburg, July 1994.
1989. Trash City. conference about the city, concept and moderation, Forum Stadtpark, Graz.