Selected Lectures and Seminars
2013. New Tendencies - Programmed Art as Future Generator, Digital Dish lecture series, Ljudmila, Ljubljana, in cooperation with project Zavod Atol, Dec. 7th 2013.
2013. 'The Need for a Utopian Vision". at Modern Emancipation, Economic Institute, Zagreb, Dec 6th 2013.
2012. From Programmed Art to Visual Research with Computers: The New Tendencies (1961-1973). British Computer Arts Society, London, Tuesday, 23rd of Oct. 2012. 2011. 'Automation, Cybernation and the Art of New Tendencies (1961-1965).' at: Rewire, Media Art Histories conference.
Friday 30th of Sept. 2011, Liverpool John Moores University, 27.09. - 01.10.2022.
2011.'Art as Visual Research.' Lecture and seminar at: Troubling Research. Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria, 011.05.2011.
2011. FOR ACTIVE ART – New Tendencies 50 Years Later (1961–1973). Lecture and panel MSU, Zagreb, 14.04.2011.
2010. 'Technopolitics and the Art of New Tendencies (1961-1965).' Lecture at Brian Holmes Symposium. Sat. 27th of Nov 2010, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, NL, 26.-28.November 2010.
2009. Systems of Learning. Panel, Royal College of Arts and Imperial College, 6th of Oct. 2009.
2009. Get Published. Conference panel. Queen Mary University, 28.04.2009
2009. 'Waves - curating as research.' Lecture and seminar, Art University Linz, 29.01.2009
2008. 'think, make, do - research based media arts practice -. curating as research.' Lecture at: Who is Afraid of Artistic Research. Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre, Dundee, Scotland UK, 23.Oct 2008
2008. 'Listening to the Universe.' Keynote lecture at: Spectropia conference, RIXC, Riga, 16.-19.10.2008.
2007. 'Waves.' Lecture as part of Workshop at: Maxwell City. 31st of May 2007 Atelier Nord, Oslo, Norway, 29.05. -02.06.2007.
2007. 'The Next Layer - The Emergence of Open Source Culture.' Lecture at: Pixelache, Architectures of Participation. Lecture: 31st of March 2007, Kiasma Museum, Helsinki, Finland, 29.03.-01.04.2007.
2007. 'The Hacker Way of Learning.' Workshop Sat May 26, at: Summit, non-aligned initiatives in education culture. Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin, Germany, 24.05. - 28.05.2007.
2007. 'The Culture of Creative Coders.' Keynote lecture at: Hackit, Pisa, Italy, 28.-30.09.2007 2007. '45 Revolutions Per Minute.' Lecture at: Elevate Festival, Democracy! Graz, 25.10.2007
2007. '45 Revolutions Per Minute.' Keynote at: Arte.mov, Festival of Mobile Culture. Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 15.-18.November 2007.
2007. NOW Festival, The Conquest of the Invisible. Lecture and discussion, hosted by Jose Lous-Vincente, Barcelona, CCB 29.11.2007.
2007. Cool Media Hot Talk, New Media Art Mythologies. Computer-mediated discussion with Geert Lovink, De Balie, Amsterdam, 05.06.2007.
2006. 'Creative Resistance - Kreative Gegenwehr, künstlerische Strategien im Zeitalter der politisch medialen Dauerkrise.' Lecture at: Smart Art, European Media Arts Festival Osnabrück, Osnabrück, 13.05.2006.
2005. 'Commons | Tales | Rules.' Lecture/Panel, at: Sarai Conference Contested Commons - Trespassing Publics, New Delhi,
2005. World Summit on Free Information Infrastructure, Panel Editor and Moderator 'Wireless Free Networks', Limehouse Town Hall, London,
2004. Transmediale, Fly Utopia!, Panel Moderation 'MobiloTopia', Lecture 'Not Just Another Wireless Utopia', Berlin, HdKW, 1.-2.2.2004.
2004. 'Network Commons.' Panel Editor, Futuresonic Festival, Mobile Connections, Manchester, 30.04.-1.5.2004.
2004. 'Network Commons.' Lecture at: Basics Festival, Hardware, Software, Wetware, Salzburg, 14.05.2004. 2004.
RAM5, Open Source Media Architecture, Workshop/Lecture 'Wireless Utopia', Rixc, Riga. 4.-9.5.2004.
2004. 'Wireless Utopia.' Lecture at: ISEA 2004, Helsinki, 20.08.2004.
2003. 'The Deep Seas of Open Code and Free Culture', and 'Wireless Utopia', two lectures, at: Kuda.org, Novi Kuda, 9.-20.12. 2003.
2003. Open Systems, conference-editor and lecture 'The 'Free' in Free Networks', Goethe-Institut, V2, Rotterdam, 27.11.2003.
2003. 'Free Networks - Freie Netze.' Lecture at: Open Cultures, Vienna, PublicNetbase, 5.-6.06.2003.
2002. 'Political hactivism on the net.' at: Democracy, Freedom and the Internet, European Parliament, conference lecture, Brussels, 10.07.2002.
2002. 'Die Rolle des Internets bei der Kriegs- und Krisenberichterstattung.' Lecture at: Krieg und Medien - Verantwortung zwischen apokalyptischen Bildern und paradiesischen Quoten? Conference, University of Stuttgart, 26.-27.11.2002.
2002. Save Privacy. Conference, Lecture, Berlin, Heinrich-Böll Foundation, 7.-8.6.2002.
2001. Privacy or Security, TV discussion on ARD/SWF (german national television) about privacy in a post 9/11 world, Karlsruhe ZKM. 2001. Make World Border=0 Location=Yes, panel editor and moderator, 'Firewalls', Munich, Germany, 18.-21.10.2001.
2001. Art Servers Unlimited 2, workshops and discussion, MAMA, Labin, Croatia, 8.-15.09.2001
2001. 'Security.' Panel with Andi Müller-Maguhn. 12.10.2001, at: Wizards of Open Source II, Open Cultures & Free Knowledge.
2001. 'Border Crossings.' Panel with Florian Schneider and Heath Bunting, moderator at: Tate Modern, London, 31.08.2001.
2001. 'Sustainable Development in the New Economy.' Keynote lecture at: MCM Forum, Institute of Media and Communications Management, St. Gallen University, 27.-28.9.2001.
2000. Keynote Speaker, Friends of the Museum of Applied Arts, Frankfurt/M
1999. Wizards of OS 1, Panel moderation, Open Source, Free Culture, House of World Cultures, Berlin, 16.-17.07.1999.
1999. Next Five Minutes III. Interfund meeting and workshop, Amsterdam, De Balie and Paradiso,
1998. Techno-Cultures. Goethe-Institute, Tokyo, 16.-19.10. 1998.
1997. 'Culture and Rupture in the Digital Age.' Panel, conference, Towards the Definition of Culture in the Late 20th Century, convenor: Olu Oguibe, 2nd Biennale of South Africa, Johannesburg, 14.10.1997.
1997. 'Community / Content / Interface.' Panel together with Mark Tribe and Kathy Rae Huffman, Siggraph Conference, Los Angeles.
1996. 'Reflexive Responses: Networks, Criticism, and Discourse.' Conference track, convenor Timothy Druckrey, Dutch Electronic Art Forum (DEAF), Rotterdam, 17.09.1996.
1996. 'Community / Content / Interface: on publishing in cyberspace.' Panel presentation together with Kathy Rae Huffman and Mark Tribe, 6th Cyber Conference, Oslo, 5th of June1996.
1996. Telepolis Newsroom. Open newsroom at EMAF 1996, Osnabrück, 12.-16.09.1996. 1995. IFA conference, House of World Cultures, Berlin, November 1995.
1993. Next Five Minutes. Presentation of Work of Radio Subcom. Paradiso, Amsterdam, January 1993.
1990. 'Nomadism and Tribal Culture.' Lecture performance together with Oil Blo, Flusser Symposium, steirischer herbst. 1988. 'Europe Report - In Transit 1.' Lecture performance together with Oil Blo. at: With the Eyes Shut – Bilder im Kopf, Kunstradio-Symposium, steirischer herbst. Oktober 1988.