Goodbye Privacy Symposium 2007 Documentation

This page is the central hub for the documentation of Goodbye Privacy, the Ars Electronica Theme Conference 2007 at New Kunstuni Linz.

Goodbye Privacy

Ars Electronica Theme Conference 2007

Dates: 6th and 7th of September 2007

Location: New Kunstuni Linz

Conference curators and chairs: Ina Zwerger and Armin Medosch

P r o g r a m m e

No Privacy - No Autonomy!

9.30 Welcome and Introduction
Ina Zwerger and Armin Medosch
Read the Curator's Statement

9.45 Beate Rössler, Professor of Philosophy, University of Amsterdam and Leiden: The Value of Privacy.
Unfortunately Prof Rössler got seriously ill and could not attend. Luckily, there were excerpts from an interview Ina Zwerger did with her in June. We have archived those excerpts here:
Beate Rössler interviewed by Ina Zwerger (in German)

10.30 Presentations: Art and Technology

Jordan Crandall, Artist and Theorist, NYC

Erich Möchel, FutureZone ORF, Quintessenz, Wien
Das Meta-Netz. Anatomie der modernen Überwachungsgesellschaft

11.15 Panel
Defending Freedom in the digital World – EFF and EDRI

Danny O´Brien, Journalist, Co-ordinator of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, EFF, GB

Rikke Frank Jorgensen, Board of Directors European Digital Rights / EDRI, DK

12.30 Discussion
Towards a transparent Society?

Erich Möchel, FutureZone ORF, Quintessenz, Wien
Franz Schmidbauer, Judge
Christian Pilnacek, Federal Ministry of Justice,
Head of Unit (Criminal Procedural Law)

Lunch Break 13.00 -14.00

Thursday, 6. 9. 2007, Afternoon

Identity 2.0 – reclaiming souvereignity

14.00 Helen Nissenbaum, Professor Institutional Homepage New York University, Senior Fellow, Information Law Institute, New York School of Law: Contextual Integrity Privacy as Contextual Integrity (pdf). Washington Law Review, v79 #1, February 04, 2004. 119-158.

14.45 Presentations and Panel

Manu Luksch, AmbientTV,netnet artist, activist, film maker, London/Vienna: Faceless, Website of the film Faceless

Ralf Bendrath, Political Scientist, University Bremen: Identity 2.0: From online identity to OpenID

Volker Grassmuck, Media researcher and writer, Berlin: Copyright vs Data Protection

17.00 End of Session

Freitag, 7. 9. 2007

Goodbye, Privacy! – Welcome Publicity?

10.30 Welcome and Introduction by Ina Zwerger and Armin Medosch

10.45 Brian Holmes Cybernetics and the Control Society

11.30 Social Entrepreneurs

Kontantin Guericke, LinkedIn, Jaxtr
Jakob Lodwick,

12.15 – 12.30 Break

12.30 Panel: The New Public Life
Felix Stalder Our New Public Life: Free Cooperation, Biased Infrastructures and Authoritarian States

13.00 – 13.30 Discussion with participants of the conference

lunch break 13.30 -14.30

Firday 7. 9. 2007, Afternoon

Creative Resistance

14:30 Intro

14.45 David Lyon: Surveillance as Social Sorting

15.30 Francesca da Rimini: Delighted by the Spectacel

16.00 Konrad Becker: Global Security Alliance

16.30 – 17.00 Break

17.00 Counter-Espionage and Active Privacy Protection Methods
Presentations by
Graham Harwood, Mongrel/Media Shed
Denis 'Jaromil' Rojo,, Plain Text of Presentation
Marko PeljhanMakrolab, I-Tasc

End of Conference