Dr Richard Barbrook after his speaking tour in Austria (close)

This is what Dr. Richard Barbrook looked like at the end of his speaking tour in Austria. After speaking in Vienna on Wednesday 25 he went to Graz where he gave his talk at the Elevate festival. And the Elevate festival is also quite a big music festival. So Dr. Richard indulged a bit, we can only assume. When I took him to his designer hotel at 3.30 am he seemed okay. Then the next day I got a call being told that the good Dr. was at the hospital and needed stitches to his forehead. Later he claimed to have slipped while taking a shower in the bathtub. It is widely known that in the industrialized world many people actually come to harm in the bathroom, but then usually they are over 80. But anway, we hope the hotel has got shower mats by now so that no further accidents happen.