So far so good,

Its been a very interesting day, maybe a little bit to 'techie' for me, but on the other hand very worth while due to the diversity of viewpoints in the individual presentations and talks. The Next Layer, so it seems to me, is a fantastic tool for a lot of things, social networking, exchange, artistic collaboration, dissemination of knowledge, politics, archiving and documenting... I subscribe to Lidsay’s conclusion in her recent post ‘Danger: Lest Taxi to Praxi be Forgotten’ The major theme is one of ownership and dissemination of knowledge. My thesis proposal to incorporate other participants (artists, writers, academics...) within a theme of Documentary research is set up as a collaborative research effort. The use of tools and technologies that incorporate multiple contributors/collaborators will inevitably question the notion of authorship and intellectual property.The use of a platform like thenextlayer seems demanding to me. Users/contributors need to have a clear social and artistic engagement towards the content of a project, its not just about developing a new tool. They have to poses a certain amount of media literacy skills and they have to make it 'work'. The biggest challenge in setting up a platform is to get people involved and participating. I will put it to the test and try to find out if I’m able to do so and make it work as an integrated part of my research and artwork.

Meanwhile I'm communicating my findings out of this workshop with the university of Leuven. The first issue will be how to embed a collaborative open source culture into to my PhD research and into the broader university context.

Some other things on my mind, documentary strategies as methodology? can intuition be a methodolgy ?

So far so good,


My presentation was somewhat incoherent, those who are interested can have a look at my Dan Graham docuvideo. It’s available on youtube, its only suitable for preview due to poor quality.

part 1:
part 2:
part 3:
part 4:
part 5:

some more linking: The conference will examine how instrumental is this difference in the production and consumption of research in a wide range of subjects including fine arts, design, performing arts, architecture, etc. MaHKU Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design: Research Department, Ma Design, Ma Fine Art Casco, Office for Art, Design and Theory Expodium, Platform for young art


Conference Submission?

Hello Cel

Thanks for the links, its always good to know what is going on in other countries that are not so far away from here, but have really different approaches. I was particularly interested in the conferences. The Herts one I have seen before and was tempted to put in a tentative first paper, but the deadline was rather short! Actually, after Taxi to Praxi I was going to suggest a combined/coalition/collaborative paper be submitted to a conference on the subject of TNL. It might help really focus what we really want and need in a research sense, and would be nice to have representations in the paper from different countries using a platform such as TNL for the 'Drafts'.

I was also interested in the SK conference you linked to, but unfortunately they only do printed copies of their publications and not online ones (which Herts do and is now a rich resource), but I did find one link to one introductory talk...

Anyway, thanks again!