Novel Methodologies for Developing Medical and Scientific Animated Narrative

Novel Methodologies for Developing Medical and Scientific Animated Narrative

Joseph William Brock


This research enables existing visual techniques to be innovatively transformed through the production and evaluation of a new methodological practical and theoretical framework. The outcome provides a methodology for narrators to develop adaptable and distinct scientific visual presentations either for specific or wide ranging audiences. This is achieved by applying visual and narrative skills in collaboration with scientists to set best practice benchmarks for producing scientific illustration and animation.

Relating coherent modular explanations through animated narrative provides an adaptable platform for the dissemination of scientific theory. Creating the ability to consider the inclusion of symbolic imagery and visuals that analyse the evolution of research allows connections to other areas of examination to be identified. This results in more lively in-depth and dynamic conferences showcasing research in ways that could not have been considered previously.

By applying practice based research strategies to a series of case studies the intention is to acquire a greater theoretical understanding of the procedures and how they can be used together in the most effective manner. The case studies are taken from current research projects at the National Institute for Medical Research, London. The complex and diverse nature of these research projects typify problems encountered in producing mediated illustrative content. The animation and narrative building process is recorded and evaluated using research journal and participatory action research techniques familiar to researchers for testing methodologies.

The primary outcome of this investigation is to develop an understanding of when and how different techniques (illustrations, animations, 3D models, analogies and scenes) can be used together in the most effective manner. This is then developed into a new methodical framework which is instantiated and tested using case studies to model procedure. My research programme culminates to enable existing skills and techniques to assume a novel qualitative identity that conveys research to create possibilities for a wider more engaged participatory audience.

The web link below provides an overview of the individual case studies used in this research project.