A non-publicised test installation open to supervisors, mentors and invited guests only in the Visual Research Centre at Dundee University.


flippering through boundary zones


"One way or another, though, Fluxus is a creature of the fluid moment. The transformative zone where the shore meets the water is simple and complex, too. The entire essence of chaos theory and the new sciences of complexity suggest that profoundly simple premises can create rich, complex interaction and lead to surprising results. Finding the simple elements that interact to shape our complex environment is the goal of much science. In culture, too, and in human behavior, simple elements combine in many ways. On the one hand, we seek to understand and describe them. On the other, we seek to use them. The fascination and delight of transformation states in boundary zones is the way in which they evolve naturally." source: Friedman, K. 1995, <a href="">A Fluxus Idea</a>, viewed 4 July 2009