Artistic Research

The immersiveness of art processes. The methodology of the artist. The varying frameworks for research. The alternative forms of thesis writing. Throwing in rather than out...


snorkelling or scuba-ing


beautiful foto, lindsay maybe for me the thesis research is like snorkelling whereas for art/more poetic writing it's a deep sea dive with oxygen tanks that last for months

scuba or seal


thanks doll, the image is colour manipulated to desaturate some of the green. the depth was quite shallow 12-15 metres hence there is still some variation in colour. it a shame we were not seals and could <a/href"">hold our breath for over two hours</a> then we would not need equipment like scuba. i love the analogy of thesis writing and snorkelling, and art writing and diving. i have been in the water with only wetsuit and free fins already this year, trying to hold my breath and swim. i go west again on friday so there may be some more imagery/film in the pipeline... i have had ideas for a while, but it really is a case of waiting till the temp of the water increases! its a bit uncomfy without a hood, trying to swim with no mask and your eyes open to sea water pretending to be a seal... maybe we can go swimming/snorkelling/diving together one day, but i would prefer if it were in your country!

the seventh seal


your colour manipulations are very *artful* because the image seems completely untouched by seal flippers! that is an interesting seal fact about the long long breath, especially because they wd be expending so much energy catching their food. i went to Seal Bay on kangaroo island over xmas and we took a guided tour. apparently the seals come back from their swims and sleep for 3 whole days as they are exhausted. why arent u wearing a hood? and underwater adventure in sub-tropical water would be amazing -- i would have to learn to scuba dive! rottnest island is lovely -- off the coast of western australia... it is the most southern coral reef in the world there..fed by ??? indian ocean gulf stream???



my intention is an exploration of the myth of the seal people, where seal is woman and woman is seal. lover, mother, nurturer. a cross over of culture, where the land meets the sea, the consciousness of water meets the consciousness of land. longing, sensual, freedom, belonging. the clothes are the skin, and the skin are the clothes. dressing and undressing. the hood must come off to release what is underneath, consciousness, freedom, belonging. the myth of the seal folk is not new and other artists have dealt with it such as marcus coates: and valentina nisi: but hopefully my take on the west coast of scotland, in the cold dark water will offer something new to the table. i am also not dark-haired or dark-eyed, like the traditional seal women, but germanic/scandic/pink and white (or possibly blue after i have finished). i may sleep for three whole days too...:-)