Bloom Where You're Planted

The opening moments of "Bloom Where You're Planted" by local artist Tangerine Meg. The animation was projected on the back wall of the church (on Wakefield St, Adelaide, near the bus depot).

This was one of a number of short video pieces projected at various laneway and parking lot locations during a night time walk as part of the Moving Image program at the annual South Australian Living Artists festival. Bloom Where You're Planted literally grew around the doorway, and was quite magical to watch. The projection unit itself consisted of a man wearing a TV top hat, and riding a retro-fitted bike which had a platform for a video projector, battery unit and sound speaker. He was assisted by another person wearing a strange beaked outfit reminiscent of a 17th century plague doctor. (You might find an image of them in The Gleaners gallery here in the next days).

It was a great thing to do on a chilly night in Adelaide, aka Sleepy Hollow -- a winter drift, a temporary autonomous zone on the move....