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Detail of the memorial for the musicians of the Titanic who are said to have plaid on while the ship was sinking. The notes are form the piece of music which they plaid.


Dream Music


Arbroath is a small fishing town on the East-coast of Scotland. Fourteen years ago I studied here for a year. One night during that time I had a dream that I was in the wheel house of a fishing trawler. The boat was lilting heavily over to the side. I turned to the other four crew-members and said, ‘We’re going to capsize, aren’t we?’. One of the crew nodded and I started to try to pull out the lifejackets, some of which were modern, some of which were made of cork. I don’t remember any more as I woke up in a cold-sweat. The next afternoon the news broke that a fishing trawler from Arbroath had went missing the previous evening. The emergency beacon had been confused with another vessel’s and no rescue party had went out to investigate. The trawler had got its fishing lines caught on an underwater cable, and unable to free itself, had capsized. The boat was found on the sea-bed in the coastal waters off the East-coast with the four crew members trapped in the wheel-house; they had tried to release the safety gear. I wonder how many people in Southampton heard music in their dreams the night the Titanic went down? Lindsay