STWST48x3 – 48 Hours MIND LESS

Under the slogan MIND LESS, STWST48x3, the third edition of STWST48, offers a 48-hour showcase-art-extravanganza of the expanding kind. Mindless information, open states of mind, an infolab in opposite to new media, quasi-coordinates of extended contexts, funky fungis, digital physics and a Meltdown Totale: STWST48x3 MIND LESS is addressing new art contexts that have been developed in and around the Stadtwerkstatt Linz in recent years. Watch out: MIND LESS Stadtwerkstatt is also in 2017 under the directive of New Art Contexts and autonomous structures.


Mycelium Network Society, a brand new network initiative situatedin a post-internet mudland, diverts the pursuit of magic mushroom, from a state of hyper-hallucination to collective fungal consciousness. MNC investigates the fungi culture, its network capacity to communicate and process information. MNC shows works from Artists of der Summer-Residencies on survey vessel Eleonore.

the mycos experience | Presentation
If the mycelium is a communication network, certain mushrooms must be the data centers… In the mycos experience Servando Barreiro is involved with Psilocybin / Psilocyn.

Byndelle Hybrida | Installation
Byndelle Hybrida focuses on the search of a hybrid created out of the combination of metals and mycelium. The project is inspired by papers, which involve concepts of nature, technique and cyborgs. A project by Azucena Sanchez.

The Boat | Installation
This project demonstrates the potential of mycelium as a building material. Built with this new and sustainable material Callum Caplan is presenting a small rowing boat out of mycelium and wood.


The Infolab is an open laboratory format, which STWST has been operating for several years. The Main Question in the Infolab is: What is New Media and what is information? The aim is to look at the concept of information from an artistic perspective, close to scientific knowledge.

Mycelium Infolab | Presentation
For several years, Stadtwerkstatt has been working with fungi and mycelium - as part of the Infolab, where other types of communication and
information processing are concerned. Besides the MNS-Residencies Mycelium Infolab will be presented. Mycelium Infolab by taro, Shu Lea Cheang und Franz Xaver.

Infolab Videoclub: Digital Physics   | Streaming-Club
Infolab is proud to present: »op kino« - its not our real world. 38 films, non stop in 2x24 hours. In this cinema you can have a drink and watch 24 hours nonstop documentations about information technology, quantum therory and digital physics. Let‘s break the natural laws. A project by Franz Xaver.
+++++++SERVUS CLUBRAUM / 48 HOURS CONTINUOUS | Presentation  
The Infolab of the Stadtwerkstatt is continuously working on an autonomous information network. The current development status of the project wil be presented. Let‘s secure autonomous information. A project by Franz Xaver.


Quasikunst is systemic-performative research, since several years settled in the »New Art Contexts« of Stadtwerkstatt. It loosely refers to existing concepts such as quasi-objects and their extensive contexts. Quasikunst this year discusses non-human actors, as entities, systemic subjects, quasi-presences of nature and technology. It‘s all about the whole.

Iceberg / The Entity – 48 Hours Meltdown | Installation
An ice block as an entity is performing its most obvious material aspects – as a 48 hours meltdown. A project by Tanja Brandmayr.
+++++++WERKSTATT / Fr + Sa, 16 – 01 h

Enter the Net – Get a Passport for the Cold Land | Textinstallation
Whenever we do not know, whenever we feel alien, whenever we can not help it, we do it, we »go to the net«. Lisa Spalt installs a short audio textbeginning in correspondence to cold/meltdown.
+++++++WERKSTATT / Fr + Sa, 16 – 01 h

The Robot is present | Installation/Performance
The group H.A.U.S. inverts the performance ‚The Artist is Present‘ by Marina Abramović. A humanoid robot is present. A second work shows autonomous, architectural robots, which act as self-created adaptive space sculptures. H.A.U.S.  deal with questions about presence, the culturalization of robotics, and with artificial embodied agents.
 +++++++WERKSTATT / Fr + Sa, 16 – 01 h


wild_chive_lab | Kunstlabor I        
An old fire brigade trailer serves as a mobile art laboratory, which is constantly transformed. A hunger and art hybrid with cold ayran and root noise. A project by Christine Pavlic and Christoph Ebner.
+++++++MAINDECK / Fr + Sa, 14-18 h

LOCATION ID: HOME | Cooking/Feeding Performance
Location id: HoME is a speculative cooking/feeding performance set in urban/rural farming communities in year 2030. Pipe into a liquid future. Locate yourself with homecooking. A Project by Shu Lea Cheang.
+++++++AROUND STWST / Fr + Sa, 18-22 h

CINE TRAKTORI | Mobile Cinema
The Traktori collective converted the trunk assembly of an old Mercedes truck into a cinema with 13 exclusive seats. The rolling cinema is showing a selection of films and videos from the almost 40-year STWST-archive.
+++++++MAINDECK / Fr + Sa, 18-22 h

MEME | Fusion Point River Danube
The Meme project will be running the Donaulands from August to STWST48x3. MEME travels from Athens to Linz and, as an open space, offers cool drinks and hot facts directly from the borders of Europe. MEME is land, water, urbanity, gallery, workshop, fusion point. A project by Skywalker eV.


Mechanics squeak and rattle the rhythm of yesterday in the halls of tomorrow. Man-Machine-Sound in STWST-Club, curated by  Felix Vierlinger. Mind more Nightlife. Mindless Patrik Huber is your experienced man-machine-host through the night.
+++++++STWST CLUB / Fr + Sa, from 23 h


Tribute to Armin | Talk, Dinner, Party
On Saturday there will be a tribute for the median theorist Armin Medosch, who died this year. Fahir Amir, Richard Barbrook, Camel, Shu Lea Cheang, Walter Gröbchen, mukul, Felix Stalder, James Stevens, Franz Xaver, Ina Zwerger and other friends and guests will be present. The tribute will go into a Schnapsloch-Clubnight.
+++++++STWST CLUB / 20 h TALK – 22 h DINNER – 23 h Schnapsloch-Party


#GetaHead #EatYourCake | Female Artists
The FACES network celebrates its 20th anniversary in the Stadtwerkstatt. Hosted by servus.
+++++++STWST AREA / TIME tba

4040 LOWER EAST SITE | Brandnew Area
As an extension, the Danube area opens up to the Salonschiff Florentine, and the whole area will be branded under 4040 LOWER EAST SITE in September for the first time. As a cooperation of STWST and Salonschiff Florentine: MIND LESS and THE MISSED SEAMISSESKISSES BAY.


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