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Principles of Sinazongwe Community Radio
Sinazongwe Community Radio is independent, non-profit, non-commercial and is geared to communicative surplus. It provides a general free access to broadcasting facilities and broadcasting spots to support the freedom of speech. As a third column in the broadcasting landscape beside public law and private commercial broadcasting services, it extends the diversity of opinion.

Public Access
Sinazongwe Community Radio provides the possibility for uncensored freedom of expression and information brokering to all persons and groups within the legal borders.

Social, cultural and ethnical minorities and also persons and groups who aren't able to get a voice in mainstream media by reasons of social, sexist or racist discrimination, have the priority for broadcasting.

Sinazongwe Community Radio provides education, production facilities and possibilities for distribution.
Sinazongwe Community Radio is a platforms for regional or national production of music, art and culture produced by socially or medially marginalized communities. We invite our listenership to active participation and mirror the social, cultural and linguistic diversity of their broadcasting areas and encourage the intercultural dialogue.

Common public interest / Non-commerciality
Sinazongwe Community Radio is not the private property of an individual but is a form of organization, which is collective sustained by its users and subject to the common public interest.

Its activities are not geared to profit but to a commercially free program without commercial product advertising.

To guarantee the existence and independency of the radio, a financial diversification of the means of income is needed. The radio is financed by internal activities like projects or cooperations, by public grants, membership fees and donations as well as by sponsoring.

Transparence / Organisation
The organisation and selection criteria for broadcasting contents must be transparent and reviewable for everybody. The responsibles of Sinazongwe Community Radio administer their management, their programming and engagement in a way which rules out any form of discrimination.

Sinazongwe Community Radio is responsible and upfront to its supporters, its personnel as well as its complimentary workers. It furthers the participation of migrants and women in all fields of their activities.

Reference to the local area / Regional development
Sinazongwe Community Radio sees itself as a communication medium in the local and regional area and supports the regional development. In this way it is a supporting-platform for artists and cultural workers who work in a local context and provides appropriate possibilites for presentation and distribution. Furthermore it encourages the supra-regional and international debate. It actively works together through program exchange or the collaborative realisation of medial, cultural, artistic or sociopolitical projects.

Sinazongwe Community Radio is independent in its property, in its form of organisation, in its publishing and its programming from governmental, commercial and religious institutions as well as from political parties.

Against discrimination
Sinazongwe Community Radio supports a self-determined, solidaric and emancipatory society. It turns against every form of discrimination by reason of sexual orientation, origin, ancestry, color of skin, ethnic belonging, religious or political view, intellectual or physical abilities, social background, language or age.