These are my presentation notes from the Maxwell City workshop in June this year.

Extremely low frequency transmitters were developed for communication with deeply submerged submarines at depths of more than 200 metres and under polar ice-caps. Submarines below this depth are undetectable by radar and other non-acoustic systems.

Subjects and Questions


For my Master of Fine Arts degree I started looking at the cross-over of interior and exterior landscapes. My initial investigations were done in quite a basic way, where I concerned myself with the sanitised representations of ‘man-made’ nature contained in domestic interior and exterior decoration, taking the separation of space provided by architecture for granted. The time-span that predominately interested me was from the 1750’s through to the Victorian age.

Domestic Sub-mariner


I’ve always been into submarines and ships, and basically anything that is big, metallic and man-made with an engine. From my grade C in physics and the realisation that ‘I ain’t no Einstein’, I allowed my working life to direct my interests. Two of my early career choices were apprentice mechanic and HGV driver, where I viewed myself as a practical pioneer of women’s rights to work in jobs that were at that time, mainly dominated by men.


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