Times on the planet earth

Douglas Hammond


There was a time all creatures on the planet would greet each other with a new song every change of the seasons: A great echo around the earth. So much so, that beings from other planets visited often to learn new ways of communication across universal differences.
One day, a human stupidly decided we were superior and had the right to kill for a base desire termed hunting even though there was no reason. All knew in those times hunger was never a problem, for the earth gladly bore more than enough for all. In the process of this stupid sport an accident occurred when a child was killed in a far away location of people who were different from the hunters. It was during the time of a pre-seasonal chant by these people who were known for their lovely chants. At the very moment the child was killed, all chanting stopped instantly. Everyone knew by instinct that a sad beginning of conflict was to follow somehow. For hundreds of miles around a silence was to be for many days. Such a silence that some learned new emotions called sorrow.


When sorrow lasted many years from the many blunders of man from his stupid proclamation of superiority, the reality of transition from living in one form to other lost its meaning; because arrogance had already destroyed much of nature`s loveliness, senselessly.
Of course many were confused by this new madness, especially being it had taken the form of humans perpetrating it for reasons of domination by one group over another and because life at this dark period required watchfulness of whom would succumb to the new sickness.
People had lost the meaning of harmony. So, in order to learn how to protect themselves from premature transition, someone coined the word death which meant termination, someone coined the word death which meant termination of life. When people began to understand the meaning of this, fighting was introduced as a means of defence simply because to be prematurely transitioned meaninglessly by an act of another human was concidered death without the aid of nature`s care, having forgotten we are part of nature.


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