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camspeed sound [freeze] [slower] [slow] [normal] [fast]

Livecams Nibelungen-Bridge

camsound2 freeze slower slow normal fast

The red speaker is the first one that can be seen in the liveimage.

Live Mode:
Select one of the listed sounds. To pre-hear the sound click "Hear Sound".
Click on one of the speaker symbols to send the sound to the speaker on the bridge.

Queue Mode:
Create a composition an play it on the bridge!
Select the sounds and place them into the sequencer. All 16 Tracks can be used simultaneously. Each track represents a speaker on the bridge. Select "PAUSE" to place a pause and define its length.

"Delete Sound": deletes activated sound within the sequencer.
"Clear All": deletes all sounds within the sequencer.
"Hear Sound": pre-hear activated sound in the list or within the sequencer.
"Hear All": pre-hear up to three tracks simultaneously. The activated "button" above the sequencer defines the tracks.
"Send": send your composition to the bridge.

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